Init(QueryString, ContentString, Cookie)

Initializes the Self Service session and Sage CRM cookies.

The CRMSelfService object must be initialized and connected to the database before it can be used.

If you've installed the CRM Self Service Demo site, you'll see the Init method called in the ewaress.js file. This file can be included at the top of each of your Self Service ASP pages by using the following syntax:

<!-- #include file ="ewaress.js" -->

  • QueryString. Specifies the query string.
  • ContentString. Specifies the content string, usually a form.
  • Cookie. Specifies the initial Sage CRM cookie.

var CRM;
CRM = Server.CreateObject("eWare.eWareSelfService");
Response.Expires = -1;

Initializes the CRMSelfService object and Sage CRM cookies.