Adding contacts to a MailChimp list

Your account must have rights to use MailChimp campaigns.

Before you set up a MailChimp campaign, you must first create a group of contacts that you want to send campaign emails to and upload the group to the existing MailChimp list. If you update a Sage CRM group that you've already uploaded to the MailChimp list, the updated group becomes a new segment (group) in MailChimp.

  1. Click My CRM | Groups and create a new group or edit an existing group.
    For more information, see Creating a group or Editing a group.

    The group must meet the following requirements:

    • Include Company, Person, or Lead records only. Custom entities are not supported.
    • Each contact in the group must have the required email field populated with a valid email address. The required email fields are:
      For a Company record: Company: Business Email (comp_emailaddress)
      For a Person record: Person: Business Email (pers_emailaddress)
      For a Lead record: Lead: Email (lead_personemail)
      If a contact doesn't have an email address, it won't be added to the MailChimp list. The contact's email address is the unique identifier for the record in MailChimp. So if you send a contact with an email address to MailChimp, and then update the email address in Sage CRM and resend it to MailChimp, the updated record is treated as a new record and recipient in MailChimp. This can impact your campaign statistics and your quota of emails that you're allowed to send.
    • The group must include a column containing the required email field. If this column is missing, the Send to MailChimp button doesn't appear.
    • The group name must not exceed 80 characters. If it's greater than 80 characters, the group details aren't added to the existing MailChimp list.
    If you use a static group, you can't add any new people to the group. If you need to add people to the group later, create a dynamic group. For more information about static and dynamic groups, see About groups.
  2. Click Send to MailChimp.
  3. Click the Notifications icon on the top bar to see if the group was sent successfully to MailChimp. A MailChimp notification displays the number of contacts with new or updated email addresses that were successfully sent to MailChimp, the number of contacts with missing email address that were sent to MailChimp, and the number of contacts that MailChimp couldn't process. These unprocessed contacts are counted as errors and included in an error group. You can click the error count in the notification to open the group and correct the contact details.