Rebuilding the Quick Find index

If the Quick Find index is corrupted, you can rebuild it by adding and removing an entity in <My Profile> | Administration | System | Quick Find.

Rebuilding the full index can consume significant system resources if a large amount of data is added to the index.

To manually rebuild the index:

  1. Stop the Quick Find service using the following command:
    net stop SageCRMQuickFindService
  2. Delete the \CRM\QuickFind directory.
  3. Clear the value for the SolrLastIndexScan entry in the Custom_Sysparams table.
  4. Restart the Sage CRM Tomcat service, or refresh the system parameter and tables and columns metadata in <My Profile> | Administration | System | Metadata.
  5. Start the Quick Find service using the following command:
    net start SageCRMQuickFindService
  6. If the index is not rebuilt and \CRM\QuickFind is not recreated, do the following:
    • Start the Quick Find service from the Services Control Panel. For more information, see Restarting the Quick Find service.
    • Check the keywordSearch.log in \CRM\Logs.
    • Ensure the ServerNames value in the Custom_Sysparams table is correct. The Quick Find service starts on the first server in the list.