About MailChimp

Your account must have rights to use MailChimp campaigns.

MailChimp campaigns let you send automated emails to groups of contacts from Sage CRM. You can build campaigns using predefined templates or create a new template from scratch.

You can create an audience (a list of campaign subscribers) in MailChimp using Sage CRM contacts. It's best to use a single MailChimp audience and to add groups of contacts to the audience as needed. When you send a group of Sage CRM contacts to the MailChimp audience, a new static segment is created in the audience to record these subscribers. A Sage CRM contact can be included in multiple segments in the MailChimp audience. You can reuse these segments but you cannot edit them.

Once you've kicked off a MailChimp campaign, you can view how recipients have interacted with the campaign emails so you can follow up with appropriate actions.