Getting a Mailchimp API key

  • For steps on how to find or generate an API key, see About API Keys in the Mailchimp Help.

As part of the integration process between Sage CRM and Mailchimp, you must find and specify an API key. Sage CRM uses this key to communicate with Mailchimp. Before you can get the API key, you must first create a Mailchimp account. For more information, see Creating a Mailchimp account.

After you've integrated Sage CRM and Mailchimp, you can change the API key. If you change it to another API key on the existing Mailchimp account, all campaigns remain active. However, if you change it to an API key on a different account, all campaigns are disabled and campaign statistics are not updated automatically or manually. You can't revert to the old API key. This means that if campaigns are disabled, you can't re-enable them.