Enabling automatic login

Automatic login is supported for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

Before you start, ensure that user names in Sage CRM are identical to their counterparts in Active Directory. For more information about Active Directory, see Active Directory Domain Services on docs.microsoft.com.

Sage CRM automatic login uses the Windows Authentication feature in Web Server (IIS). When Web Server (IIS) authenticates a Sage CRM user, that user is looked up in the User table in the Sage CRM database.

Complete the following steps to enable automatic login:

  1. Join the Sage CRM server to the Active Directory domain where Sage CRM users reside.
  2. Enable IIS auto login in Sage CRM:
    1. Log on to Sage CRM as a system administrator.
    2. Go to <My Profile> | Administration | Users | User Configuration.
    3. Click Change .
    4. Set Use IIS auto login to Yes.
    5. In Default domain for IIS login, enter the NetBIOS name of the Active Directory domain where Sage CRM users reside.
    6. Click Save.
  3. Configure Web Server (IIS) on the Sage CRM server:
    1. Open IIS Manager (inetmgr.exe).
    2. In the console tree, expand the appropriate nodes to select the Sage CRM application. By default, it is <ComputerName> | Sites | Default Web Site | CRM.
    3. In the details pane, under IIS, double-click Authentication.
    4. Ensure that
      • Anonymous Authentication is disabled.
      • Windows Authentication is enabled.
    5. Reset IIS by running the iisreset command at a command prompt.