Enabling OAuth 2.0 in email configuration

You can set up email configuration to use OAuth 2.0 for connecting to an Outlook or Gmail mailbox.

We presume that you have already set up your email configuration to use Outlook or Gmail. If not, complete the steps in Configuring standard email.

If you have Microsoft Office 365 credentials cached on the Sage CRM server, you may encounter errors while completing the below steps. To avoid errors, we recommend that you either complete the steps in an incognito tab of your web browser or clear your web browser's cache.

To enable OAuth 2.0 for Gmail or Outlook:

  1. Open a web browser on your Sage CRM server and enter the Sage CRM access URL replacing the server name or IP address with localhost.

    For example: http://localhost/crm

  2. Log on to Sage CRM as a system administrator and go to My profile | Administration | Email and Documents | Email Configuration.
  3. Click Change.
  4. In Use OAuth 2.0 for, select the mailbox type.
  5. Obtain client ID and secret for your mailbox. For details, see:
  6. Return to Email Configuration and paste the client ID and secret into OAuth 2.0 client ID and OAuth 2.0 client secret, respectively.
  7. Click Save.

    When prompted, do the following:

    • Sign in to the Microsoft Azure or Google account that owns the mailbox.

      When signing in to the Google account, you may receive a warning that your app isn't verified. If so, click Advanced and select the option to go to your app.
    • Allow the app you've created to access the Microsoft Azure or Google account.