Postman collection

To see the SData API endpoints in action, you can use Postman, a multiplatform REST client with intuitive GUI for configuring HTTP requests, designing JSON payloads, and viewing HTTP responses.

We have prepared a Postman collection demonstrating how to use endpoints exposed through the SData API.

For steps on how to download and use the Postman collection, go to the Sage CRM RESTful API documentation, select the RESTful API reference for your Sage CRM version, and see the Postman collection section.


You must have Sage CRM with demo data installed. This is required because the Postman collection uses the default Admin account that is installed with demo data.

Considerations when using Postman

When using wildcard characters (%) in a GET request to return specific records, you may receive unexpected results. For example, the following request that should return companies whose name contains Gate may actually return all companies:

GET http://SageCrmServer/sdata/crmj/sagecrm2/-/Company?where=comp_name like '%Gate%'

To change this behaviour and make wildcard characters work, go to Postman settings and disable the Use next generation URL processing option.