Assigning users to a dashboard template

The account you use must have Information Manager rights.
  1. Click Templates | Dashboard Templates.
  2. Ensure Template is selected.
  3. Highlight the dashboard you want to assign users to.
  4. Click the Assigned Users tab.
  5. Click the Assign button to populate the list of users and primary teams.
  6. Use the Filter by field to search for users or teams. This is a "Begins with" search.
  7. Select the check boxes next to the users and/or teams that you want to assign the template dashboard to.
  8. Click Assign. A check mark icon is displayed next to each assigned user or team. Each assigned user or member of the assigned team can access the dashboard from the dashboard drop-down.

A user added to a team at a later date automatically gets access to all dashboards already assigned to their team.