Management dashboards

To view Management dashboards and make them available to other users, the account you use must have System Administrator rights.

There are two ready-to-use Management dashboards. Each dashboard includes configurable gadgets that use Sage CRM data from across your organization.



Sales KPI for Managers

Displays key performance indicators to help you identify and measure your organization's successful activities.

This dashboard includes the following gadgets:

  • Monthly Sales Trends. Compares the value of sales won this year with the value of sales won last year. It also shows the number of opportunities that were won this year.
  • Actual vs Target. Shows the opportunity revenue that’s been won as a percentage of forecasted sales.
  • Pipeline. Shows information about all currently open opportunities grouped by stage.
  • Open Activities. Displays information about calendar entries for a specific period such as demos, letters to be sent, and meetings.
  • At Risk Customers. Shows customers and leads who haven't been contacted in over 90 days, or customers and leads in a company that's greater than 90 days old who've never been contacted. These customers are considered at risk of leaving your company.
  • Won Deals Leaderboard. Displays the number of opportunities that each sales rep has won.

Sales Metrics for Managers

Displays information to help you measure progress towards your organization's goals.

This dashboard includes the following gadgets:

  • Leads Generated by Source. Shows the number of leads in your system according to how they were sourced.
  • Deals Lost to Competitors. Displays deals that your organization was bidding on but lost to a competitor. The report is based on the Competitor, Winner, and Reason for Loss fields in each opportunity record.
  • Won vs Lost Deals. Shows opportunities that each sales rep has won and lost in a specified period of time.
  • Average Deal Close Rate. Displays the amount of time between a new opportunity being created and closed. The information is grouped by sales rep.
  • Cross-sell Deals. Shows the number of cross-sell opportunities created during a specific time period by each sales rep. A cross-sell opportunity is one that's created when another opportunity closes. For example, if you sell a computer, a cross-sell opportunity could be to sell a maintenance plan for the computer.
  • Top Open Deals. Displays the number of current opportunities that are in progress and greater than a specified value. The information is grouped by company.
To include an opportunity in the Monthly Sales Trends, Actual vs target, Won Deals Leaderboard, Deals Lost to Competitors, and Won vs Lost Deals reports, the date in Closed on the opportunity record must be within the relevant time period. For more information, see Opportunity fields.