Creating a dashboard from a template

  1. Click Dashboard | New Dashboard | Choose Template. The dashboards are grouped alphabetically by category, and then alphabetically by dashboard within each category.
  2. Use the Filter by field to narrow the list of dashboards.
    This field works on a "Begins with" basis. For example, type "a" and you get a list of dashboards and categories beginning with the letter "a".
    You can also modify your category names from this dialog box. Highlight the category and click Modify Category.
  3. Highlight the dashboard you want to display on your workspace, and click OK. The Dashboard Details dialog is displayed.
  4. If you're a system administrator, you can access ready-to-use Management dashboards. For more information, see Management dashboards.
  5. Give the dashboard a name. You can also select a new category.
  6. Click OK. The new dashboard is displayed on your workspace with the updated name and can be modified to suit your needs. t

To make the ready-to-use management dashboards available to other users, you must assign the users to the management dashboard templates. For more information, see Assigning users to a dashboard template.