Search entities using Quick Find

Quick Find can search across single-line text, email address, and URL fields of the company, people, opportunity, lead, communication, order, quote, case, solution, library document, and custom entity records at once. Optionally, you can narrow your search down to a single entity.

For more information about configuring and using Quick Find, see System Administrator Help and User Help.


Session ID. For details, see Authentication: retrieve session ID for a user.


GET http://{{server}}/sdata/{{install}}j/sagecrm2/$service/quickFind/getResults?query=eurolandia&SID={{sid}}&entity={{entity name}}

URI parameters




Name or IP address of a Sage CRM server.


Sage CRM installation name. By default, this is CRM.


Key terms to search for.


query=eurolandia company invoice


Session ID of the user account under which to access Quick Find.


Optional. The entity you want to search. When you omit this parameter, Sage CRM searches all supported standard and custom entities at once.

This parameter can take one of the following values:

  • Company

  • Person

  • Opportunity

  • Lead

  • Communication

  • Orders

  • Quotes

  • Cases

  • Solutions

  • Library

  • Custom entitity name

The parameter values are case sensitive, use them exactly as shown above. When specifying a custom entity name, enter it exactly as it appears in the Sage CRM user interface.



{{entity name}}

Name of the entity you want to search.

Request body



A JSON object containing the definitions of records that meet your search criteria.